Questions about hypnotherapy reflect people's curiosity, apprehensions, fears, and biases and unfounded conceptions. The most commonly frequently asked questions include:

What if I don't wake up from hypnosis?

This is most commonly encountered fear, which is unfounded. There is no known case where a client was stuck in the trance stage.

My friends/relatives say that it can damage my brain. Is it possible? 

Again this is absolutely baseless. Hypnotherapy is very safe and cannot damage any organ. in fact ,under hypnosis one's attention becomes more focused .

I have seen stage shows where a person is made to jump around like a monkey or bark like a dog. Will I act ridiculously under hypnosis?

Actually a person never loses control of self. Nobody can make you say or do things that you don't do normally, because you retain your awareness at all times.

Will you take out all secretes from my mind? 

In hypnotherapy it is the client's mind that decides which memories to go into. Therefore, the therapist cannot make him/her reveal anything that he/she does not want to.

'Have you treated any case like mine?'

This is irrelevant, because each client is treated as a new case, and the suggestions for each person is designed to address the problem as perceived by that particular person.  Each person is unique in this sense. Therefore, even where the medical diagnosis is the same, the mental perception of the disease of different patients will vary and hence the treatment is also individualized.